herdmay1905a%20015 Relaxing in the sun, letting the hot breeze muss my mane, tail twitching the flies from my hide. Nose snuffling around in the grass looking , smelling for just the Right blade of grass. I hear a worried nicker from the herd, I raise my head to scent the air wondering what the fuss could be. My ears flick to and fro trying to find what the rest had heard. A loud cry erupts and suddenly the air is alive with the sound of thundering hooves! My heart races...must flee...surely something has come to devour us! off I race others thundering around me, bumping sides as we run.

The wind tearing my eyes as my mane flies in the wind, my ears plastered to my head turned back to see the terror coming for us, for me! Run! Run! must run faster than the wind...fly over the dead tree, don't trip on the rocks, watch the one next to you, don't fall or you will die! Sides heaving for breath, legs weaker by the minute, out running the wind is hard I must stop! but the press of bodies the fear in their minds overshadows me, presses me onward.

Pain shreds the fear, ground rushing up, breath knocked from the lungs heavy thud as I crash to the ground! laying on my side learning to breath, the dust clogging my nose makes it hard. I roll to my belly legs folded under me, pain rapidly abating. Small rocks digging into my tough hide. I get to my feet slowly. Flicking my ears focusing on every sound, making sure nothing is coming for me.

Feeling the dirt and sand caking my sweating body I shake my head trying to loosen my mane, then the whole body follows...a cloud of dust and rain of pebbles shower the ground...looking around once more I spy a nice green expanse of grass, I hear the herd milling restlessly around a ways away. The sweet scent of grass pull me closer as I lower my muzzle once more to graze the sweet grass, with the sun on my back and the herd close by. – DarkeDesire