I had intended one site, this one, to take over as my prime location and then just allow Flickr to die out. That's not working as too many good friends are not migrating or else are migrating elsewhere and so my main point of contact with them is still Flickr. Its not about hits as much as it is about comments and its not about the number of comments either. Its about the time it takes to treat everyone in the same manner I am used to doing. Its not working this way now and I have no extra time to allot. Something has to give.

While I am very worried about the future of the site whence I came, its still hanging in there at the top of the charts. I can't expect everyone to be as indignant as I over the way changes were just pushed out, which was my main reason for setting up shop here. I don't like the look but I can deal with it. The navigitation is different but easy enough to get around with things as they are now. Uploading photos and page loading don't seem to be an issue for me here at home and that is where I do 95% of my viewing and all of my uploading. I just can't get over how they up and changed everything with no request for feedback or input. If they are headed to having a larger audience with less attention to the art of photography, I want to be prepard here as that would be anathema to me. One of my main reasons for sharing is so that others will in turn share with me and, in so doing, impart their wisdom, techniques, and styles.

I like the set up here. To be able to allow different sizes for different groups of people is appealing to me. Having a tracker of who has visited is also a nice feature, even if it doesn't detail the activity. At least now I know when the screen shot stealers have visited and so can have a general idea as to when they will be bottom feeding on stolen images elsewhere. The only drawback to here, aside from my missing the stay at home friends from the old place, is the already mentioned lack of community on Ipernity. Its not about hits or comments or maybe its tied to that but its more just a general feel. There doesn't appear to be an openness that I have come to enjoy. I have noticed of late that when I visit someone new, most of them only seem to have about 20 photos available. For a photo sharing site, that seems a bit off to me.

So in reality, this is becoming just a backup for me in the eventuality of a total bastardization of the old Flickr.