Ok, maybe I'm behind the times. Maybe, just maybe, I'm a certified window licker (ask if you're not too PC),  and I'm missing the up-side to all of this. Doesn't matter. Other than massive bribes to politicians, can anyone tell me why I (everyone else too) need to have a "digital signal" to watch the same crap I'm watching now!?

  The price of gas is through the roof, people are dying in wars that no one wants, we still haven't cleaned up the mess from Hurricane Katrina (as well as other natural disasters since), and our government has decided that I (all of us potatoes) need a digital signal to watch a few educational shows and otherwise, well... crap! Re-runs of movies I saw twenty years ago, re-runs of TV shows that first aired 50 years ago, and God help me, reality TV! How could I be so blind as to not see that I need to see the latest version of Clay Aiken in HD? What are we - a bunch of mindless tools?

  Don't get the wrong impression - I do watch TV (crap) frequently. I like the Discovery channel, the History channel, and a number of other educational (ok... semi - educational) entertainment providers. I also pay an exorbitant rate to my local cable company (about $100 a month for TV and internet access).  So, here's my beef; times are tight. If I lost my job, or had to take a pay cut, and couldn't afford to pay the cable company for that "digital signal", because I wanted to do  something silly, like... I dunno -  eat, I should just do without, right? What about TV news coverage? I know, there's always news radio, right? Anyone else out there notice that radio is going to satellite and HD, little by little, too?

  So, as of February 2009, there will be no more analog signal (poor reception but at least its a choice). The cable conglomerates, the growing fiber-optics based companies, and satellite signal providers will control 90% (just guessing, but it seems about rightof our mass media information sources.The internet is provided by these same sources. Radio is likely to follow. ...because our government says so. So, really, can anyone tell me why?