This is for everyone; those of us in the United States, because this is our country at stake, and those who live in other countries, because we "ugly Americans" might not be so ugly if more people spoke up. 

  Our country is in a shambles. Don't take that the wrong way- I still love it and don't think I'd want to live anywhere else in the world... but let's face it, we've let things get away from us. When the USA declared its freedom and independence from Europe (particularly Great Britain) we stated that our country wouldn't suffer tyrant's rules. That our government would be one of the people. It's odd, but most of the "people" I speak to are NOT in favor of our troops being in Iraq or Afganistan or any other country who does not pose an immediate threat to us. And yet, every day, we (here in the USA) are bombarded with media messages potraying our troops as "protecting our freedoms". How? What threat does Iraq pose to our freedoms while in a state of civil war?

  I should point this out; I support our troops, just not the bullshit mission they've been given. I go out of my way to respect returning veterans and serving military personnel for what they've done and given up and faced, because our "country" ordered it. What I don't respect, is that in an age of Wi-Fi, childhood computer literacy, and secure servers, we, the people, don't have the right to vote directly on this issue. Hell, we don't even directly vote for our own president! Its decided by the Electoral College, which is just another name for the legislature. How often have we all seen an issue stalled because things weren't decided on merit, but along party lines?

  I doubt that any of this will change, any time soon. I don't claim to know the answer to solve all of this, or who will be the great leader, who might bring us out of this situation (Iraq, inflation, just the general mess our country's in). But, what I do know is that our country might benefit from actually listening to the people it supposedly governs "of, by and for".