A little over a year ago, I stumbled onto a web-site called Flickr. It was my introduction to on-line photography sharing web-sites.  In that year, I've discovered that I really enjoy photography as a means to capture and remember the moments of my life. I've also gotten a great deal out of others' photography, from ideas and inspiriation, to some coaching on editting.

  More and more, I've seen censorship of photographs on that site in some strange places. I've had women add me as a "contact" when all they seem to post are pornographic material of themselves (which wasn't hindered by censorship), and I've seen people who post artistic nude photographs censored. It is all a bit confusing. One of the contacts who was censored as "moderate" had a mention of Ipernity as a site that is less morally confused, so I thought I'd check it out.

  Since I'm new here, I feel like I should mention a few things; if I want to look at porn, I know where to find it. Artistic nudity/ sexuality is a completely different animal to me than porn.  Also, if I add someone as a contact, its usually because I like what they do. Could be as simple as lights and shadows, the vibrant colors, or their editting. If I see something I like, I like to check back with that person's work to see more.

  Feel free to comment or critique what I have posted; I always like to hear if there's something I could've done to "punch up" the quality of a photo.