I am in a quandry ! I am not able to write good planned texts (Well, I am talking about French).Convinicng his a skill and (lol) I don't have it OR I may say I haven't developed it. So how to write something which can convince others. We can give lot many imaginary examples, but that won't work always. So instead of doing all these stuffs .... how can I structurise my thoughts. The French go by a rule book ( what crap... rule  ) ... I don't know whether that might help

 1 : Introduction  : Theme, Problematic ( Central Issue ) AND Anouncing the Plan of the Corpus

 2 : Corpus (OR Body of the text ) :

        With Thesis and Anti-thesis

        Explanatory Examples

       etc.... ( OMG !! )

 3   And finally : Conclusion :  Résumé (Brief of the text) ; Solution to the problematic and

 opening up a new debate.

  Debate never end in French

 So.. what should I be doing out there. Write texts in 15 minutes in a quite little though provoking manner.

 OR ... Should I dwell into it for hours.

 BUT .... In exam the time is quite limited. So what to do and what not to do ???