I started to write this blog some 5 weeks previously and my mind just went blank. I could not figure out a way to begin this description of recent events. Just where do you start?

The operation at first seemed to be successful, then suddenly I was scared because I couldn't relieve my bladder. Understand, I had also just been told that the most recent consulting - project mngt. job, after 7 years with Daimler Chrysler had been 'outsourced', i.e. sent to India. Fear and depression are a lousy combination! Like a good little dubbie I went to the ER and was 'cathaterized', whew what a mess. Also, unbelievable pain, as the nurse informed me (a male nurse thank you) that there was an obstruction. We'll save the details for pre-med, not here. The scar from the operation was growing and shutting me down.

It took four more 'emergency's' before I started using words like, "lawyer", etc. Work was done to open up the obstruction and let nature flow as expected, (and under my own control, Okay that was TMI). the PSA numbers were good and after a month of weekly visits I was cut back to 1 every three and eventually 1 every six months. For a good two and a half years I thought the Cancer had left, because that was what I'd been told, not dreaming I was only in remission. Then all of a sudden the numbers spiked and started to double what the last reading was so it had come back and was going after me with gusto.

"If you removed the prostate and cleaned out the area around it, what's happening now?" I asked the new surgeon working my case....

So here I am five more weeks to go with two weeks of radiation treatments to my pelvic area done to (hopefully) zap all the remaining cancer cells. I guess I'll live for another day, but it's started to develop the "sunburn" and lack of energy associated with the end of radiation treatments. And of course, the Radiation therapist has matter of factly told me that in general the affects of the treatment are generally good for 7 or 8 years, or death by another cause, - whichever comes first - Great sense of humor, but perhaps the first one who's been straight with me!

11/10/2008 John L. Delay

So now it's March of 2009. I've completed the 7 weeks of radiation treatments. The aftereffects have finally stopped battering my body and soul and just when I thought, "Okay, Let's get on with it!" I start to rapidly loose the feeling in the heel and bottom two fingers of my left hand...tests confirm...surgeon determines it's the "ulna" nerve that's pinched in my elbow bones and he'll just make a one inch incision and move this nerve to another location. Simple process, in-house complete and home with in 3 or 4 hours total. .....I wake up to an ugly 8 inch slice which took aboute 4 weeks to heal. The feeling is starting to gradually come back, but I have a 'dead' area from my elbow extending half way down towards my wrist. ....the surgeon says that lack of feeling will go away, just give it some time.

Spring is on it's way ... 7 degrees F last night and a high of 20 expected.

03/03/09 John L. Delay

So now we're getting into that time of year when Mother Nature throws little tidbits of Spring, a day here, another the next week. I know according to the calander Spring was officially started a day or so ago. The buds are showing through, so the promise of Spring is being kept. The pump is back in the pool and both waterfalls are functioning. The local greenhouses say another three weeks before they'll be getting their "water based and pond plants" in. This time I'm going to be careful to get the natural balance in the ponds prior to purchasing any fish. I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime the PSA number from the post radiation treatment is a good low number. Also the scar from the operation on my elbo is finally setteling into my skin and smoothing out. The pain has been terrible but now not so much anymore. Maybe, just maybe,....I'm good to go!

Spring is here.... sort of....28 degrees F last night and a current high of 38.

03/21/09 John L. Delay