hello first of all where u born and how was your childhood?

i was boooooooooorn in the ghetooooo like elvis presley said.....Jah ...Rastafai. i had a very tuff chilhood. my mother was a cow from switzerland , so everybody was jokin in de school that im de milka cow, and they drop me with purple colour. Thats why i hate dis song from Prince "Purple Rain".Jaaaaah.......rastafari! 

how it comes u came to the be Mayor in Berlin?

Yeaa well it was a very funny story. When i was Teenager i always want to be a Dancer u know Breakdance.JaH....rastafari. But i was to fat, so i go to de University and Study Law ehhhh and than i had made a intership in de Party.

Thnx for de Interview!

Jah.... Rastafaraaaaay!