My art is not a concise, linear experience. It involves various levels of perception and consciousness, and creates a more-or-less defined space for viewer to contemplate, explore and map (as in the tableaus of Breughel or Bosch). It can be seen as a suggestion, a question, or a group of questions, to be answered or ignored. A collage of photo images is a kind of alchemy; There is a chemical reaction which occurs turning everything into something else, greater than the sum of parts, something beyond. Ideally, each picture has varying degrees of depth, which extends in all directions, within and without, and can be visual, psychological, and emotional. They all contain a thought and a feeling (or a complex of thoughts and feelings). Sometimes the thought can't be put precisely into words ... but the feeling is always there. Art without feeling is empty; "Emotionally, Art is always true." My pictures are sometimes embellished by words or lines of text, not always apparently or directly relevant. Sometimes they seem to be only design elements, sometimes they seem to be labels or to comment on the image, sometimes in a disjointed way. Language is a fun game; but truth is ultimately betrayed and sold short by it. Life isn’t really in words -- they’re a string of misconceptions, prejudices, presumptions, posturing & posing. Reality or life changes as we speak. Or before we can speak. Leaving words as ironic empty signposts like those in a ghost town, directions to something that may have once existed. I'm interested in sketching the coordinates of a person moving about in inner reality and cultural reality, which gives everything a name and a value (which we can accept or not). The coordinates are not beautiful; we bring the beauty. Or we find the beauty. Life is always beautiful. Even though it will kill us.