What Is Science? •Perhaps you think it is a glowing mineral substance discovered by Madam Curie in 1909. But isn't that Radium or something? •Perhaps, as described by Madam Curie a few years later, "Science is What Things Will Be Like In The Future." The good Madam went on to suggest "...Flying horse-carriages, Wireless in the bathroom, and Mental Telemetry!" Well, we may laugh today at her incorrectness, for we can see into the present with 20/20 vision, and know that mankind still hasn't come close to achieving Mental Telemetry. But was Madam Curie really as clueless as she seems today? Let's take the core of her description of Science as a beta: "Science is What Stuff Is Like." •This gives us a much more flexible and universally applicable description which may better stand the test of time, for isn't Science, indeed, "What Stuff Is Like?" So our examination of the work and/or intelligence of Madam Curie may lead us perhaps to question ourselves thusly: "If Science is What Stuff Is Like, then what is Science (and/or Intelligence) like?" •It is the Old Professor's theory that Intelligence is like the Gluteus Maximus, in that everybody has one (or more)! This is because there are many types of intelligence in addition to the intellectual, rational type we commonly think of and try to measure by so-called "I.Q." tests. •As we see from Madam Curie's embarrasingly inaccurate guesswork about the Future, one may have a high degree of intelligence in a specific subject or aspect of a subject, and yet be laughably inept in other areas of Life and Human Activity. •Witness the well-known behavior of a man like Albert Einstein, widely percieved as the Smartest Guy Ever, who was known to walk into doors and leave the house without combing his hair. And can you imagine Einstein trying to play Michael Jordan one-on-one in basketball? There's not much doubt Mike could take him easily, but then again, could Mike have come up with the Unified Field Theory while practicing his Reverse Slam? I think not! •And look at Leonardo DaVinci. He didn't even have any hair, at least on top. So we see that there are many types of intelligence, and some fool who couldn't paint the Mona Lisa or invent the helicopter in a million years could have an extremely high degree of Hair Intelligence, and chicks will dig him. And what better use could there be for Science?