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Hocico is a Mexican aggrotech group. The duo was officially formed in 1993 by Erik Garcia a.k.a Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Oscar Mayorga a.k.a. Racso Agroyam (Programming), but both cousins had been experimenting with electronic music, mixing Industrial and EBM, since they were fifteen years old. Their music can be described as dark and aggressive electronica or more specifically as aggrotech. Their lyrics are mostly Spanish although some songs are in English. The Spanish word hocico means snout and is a derogatory term that indicates ugliness (e.g., ugly as a dog's snout), and is used in phrases like cállate el pinche hocico, meaning shut your damn mouth.
Racso Agroyam has a side project called Dulce Liquido.
Erk Aicrag has a side project called Rabia Sorda.
  • Memorias Atrás (2008)
  • The Shape Of Things To Come MCD (2007) Limited to 1000 copies.
  • About A Dead MCD (2007)
  • A Traves De Mundos Que Arden DVD (2006)
  • Scars Ltd. MCD (2006)
  • Blasphemies in the Holy Land (Live in Israel) CD (2005) Limited to 2000 copies.
  • Wrack and Ruin 2LP (2004) Limited to 1000 copies.
  • Wrack and Ruin Ltd. 2CD (2004)
  • Wrack and Ruin CD (2004)
  • Born to be (Hated) 12" (2004) Limited to 500 copies.
  • Born to be (Hated) MCD (2004)
  • Hate Never Dies: The Celebration 4CD (2003) Limited to 2500 copies.
  • Hate Never Dies: The Remix Celebration (2003)
  • Disidencia Inquebrantable MCD (2003)
  • Signos de Aberracion (2002)
  • Untold Blasphemies MCD (2001)
  • Aquí y Ahora en el Silencio (2000)
  • Sangre Hirviente (1999)
  • Los Hijos del Infierno (1998) Limited to 500 copies.
  • Cursed Land MCD (1998)
  • El Día de la Ira (1998)
  • Odio Bajo el Alma (1997)
  • Triste Desprecio Demotape (1996)
  • Autoagresión Persistente Demotape (1994)
  • Misuse, Abuse and Accident Demotape (1993)
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Hocico - Biography
Submerged in the most polluted City of the world, where violence is routine and where human relationships become more and more distant, Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam incited to express their feelings through technology. Given the influence of varying currents of electronic music (mainly Skinny Puppy)they began their trajectory in 1989 in a project called "Niñera Degenerada". That act was an immature shot with portasound keyboards, homemade distortion, tape samplers and homemade instruments.

Things were changing and in 1992 they were forming the concept of what one day would be HOCICO. Originally called "Hocico de Perro" and armed with a casio keyboard Racso began leaning towards their first waves of imagination inside the electronics. This stage really lasted up to 1993 when they acquired professional equipment. Racso embraced intimately the digital musical electronics and Erk the vocal and lyrical expression that give rise to their music and concept today.

After having finished their first recordings in late '93, HOCICO played their first live-concert in Erk´s house (February 18th, 1994), causing a great buzz among their friends and the local scene alike. Soon they began to distribute their first recordings, a demo-tape called "Misuse, Abuse and Accident" of which there were only 30 copies made.

Immediately they began booking gigs all over the city and country. In April '94 they tried including a guitarist, but he didn´t seem to fit in with HOCICO´s music and so he left a month later.

In July of this year HOCICO began working on their first demo-tape "Autoagresion Persistente". In October '94 "Autoagresion Persistente" was released. This recording bears a great obsession for speed and that delirium created the atmosphere of harmony with touches of orchestral instruments, strong sounds and driving beats. The lyrics reflected human situations of pain, offense, sexual abuse, suicide and death in all it´s many faces. Here HOCICO showed how humanity produces these effects against itself in each selfish and destructive action. In it you feel the capacity of expression that can be obtained from the experience of the agressor to the attacked. This recording garnered rave reviews and tremendous support in the slowly growing national scene, in some European countries (Belgium, Slovak, Spain) and in U.S. "A.P." was met with critical acclaim that drew electro fans to their concerts.

In May of 1995 HOCICO together with the bands Oxomaxoma, Deus ex Machina, Cenobita, Soucerx and Kristi Artefactum created the "corporación" (an association of electro bands from Mexico City). Here Erk and Racso collaborated in the organization of several musical events of many genres. This association, however, no longer exists.

During 1995, HOCICO played gigs all over Mexico City, and the whole of Mexico. In late '95, early '96, Racso and Erk recorded "Triste Desprecio", their second album, where melancholy and fury are against prevalant. In T.D. they see humankind through furious eyes like a desolated being. And reduces him to an incomplete being in world with a homocentered vision of what happens in life, like a being one lacking in intelligence enough to survive in a community. They show feelings of sadness and deep impotence through hardship and troubled times. The existentialism is evidently marked.

This album also received good national and international reviews and opened the door to release their first CD under the Opcion Sonica label, called "Odio bajo el Alma". This album has an implicit message of human evil, now O.B.A. has been licensed to Out of Line in Germany, and to submission in Italy.

"Hocico is our way of living and of thinking, it is the way in which we see the behaviour of the world, and how hope, deception and hate maintain a constant fight inside the human conscience."