One day it was born in the middle of Europe.It was going his way through many generations:

I. It´s definited, it´s predestineted.

II. Living creature get education: lerning, be ambitions, make one´s way.

III. Sometimes somebody falls down. It´s an experience.

IV. Be industrions, say grace, work, abstain from temtation.

V. It gets safety: laws and protection.

VI. It´s totally at the top, isn´t it? Near the sky it get´s wings, nearly. What a compliment.

VII. It´s be elected. To get the power. They give this lord authority. By the way it is born a new idea. It has the faintest notion?

VIII. Revolution. Finish the idolatry. It dawns upon him/them. Dawn and dusk in ones.

IX. A new hope be born. It goes the way and

I. get predestination...

soweit zu Prägung, Erziehung, Erfahrung, Entsagung, Sicherung, Ehrung, Ermächtigung, Götterdämmerung, Hoffnung, Prägung...