This is my first blog entry here on ipernity.

I would suspect new members typically write long entries telling you about themselves and their personality. They'll ramble on for one long paragraph after another after another and after another until you're either tired of reading or have come to the realization they're either boring or not intelligent or most likely both.

I sincerely hope to not be like that.

It would be foolish to think I know my own personality simply because every individual has their own perception of self and every one else in the world sees that individual completely different. It would also be foolish to think any one person could tell you their whole life story in a few blog entries. 

Thus, with this blog I will spare you from such diatribe and merely share with you some of my momentary glimpses of the world around me. Hopefully in these glimpses we'll discover some particle of truth, humor, heart, revelation, or self in which we as human beings can relate or understand.

This is not my whole life, it is only a fraction.