Snow, rain and sleet. My last moments in London. Perfect preparation for my Zambia trip. I was one of the saddest days in my life. It's like waking up and finding your body and brain are fine but your hart and soul had evaporated. You have to check for a pulse as there is a gaping hole where your heart use to be. People who say it doesn't hurt must be dead inside. The pain is like an ocean. It hits you in waves. The smallest things remind you of so much. You live day by day by clinging onto memories. Strange how you miss the everyday things the most.

The way we use to spend time doing every day things. OK, OK let’s lighten up a bit.

Landed in Lusaka as the sun was rising. What a view. The lady at the airport wanted to know how I had a Zambian passport with no stamp showing me leaving the country. This was strange as they only issue passport within Zambia because of fraud. After a bit of explaining she let me in.

My brother in law collected me from the airport. First time that I met him. The airport is just outside the city. It's basically in the middle of the bush. Thought O great what have I let my self in for? 2 minutes after leaving the airport we were stopped at a road block. They wanted to see my passport. Didn't I just do this a few minutes ago....

Lusaka is a very small capital. The town center is basically the size of Brent X. It has one main road, Cairo Road. There are lots of money exchange shops as most people use foreign money.

Later I met one of my younger brothers. Wow I think he can sue Disney. He looks like Jack Sparrow. Dirty, unkept and very scary. I know he's my brother but I kept looking for the cave he wondered out of. He is living on my parent’s farm. He wonders around in life looking for the next free meal. I could see that he needed a lot of brotherly love and a steady hand to give him a bit of direction. I hope that I can find a way of helping him out. The farm is in a mess. My parent’s hard work was wasting away. None of my family wanted to put any work into the farm. They were all there to sell the harvest and share the money but since then nothing as you have to spend money to make money. I was never included in any of this as I'm seen as the visiting brother. Not a real one just there to tell people we are related.

Everybody that I meet in Lusaka who knew my parents keep telling me that I'm copy of my dad when he was younger. I even have some of his habits which is strange as I basically knew them for 5 years of my life. It's weird when people tell you that you act and do small things just like your dad. Must be in the genes.

OK part one was my first step, part 2 gets to the juice parts....

That's if I haven't melted in the sun. Lost 20kg in 2 months.. but more about this next time.