There I was feeling all sad because I could not watch any of the Super 14 rugby matches as I am on that tiny little mud hut of an island, I mean England. Then I found this web site that gave me a link to live streaming rugby.

Boy, O'Boy O was I over the moon. I could finally watch my beloved South African teams smash the might of the Kiwi's and Aussie's. My hart was pounding a hundred beats a minute as the first game kicked off.

Then it went from cloud 9 to feeling worse than a hamster at a cat convention.

The Cheetahs lost in the last move of the game. They had a 2 point lead and had a penalty with the time up. I got this cold shiver down my back. I told C imagine if they miss the kick but do not kick the ball dead and the other team run the ball from there and score.

My words were not even cold and the other team start running with the ball after a failed penalty kick...

Then it was the turn of the Blue Bulls (Defending Champions). Defending...what a joke, they were so bad they would not even have been able to stop a blind man with his legs tied together from crossing there try line. They were smashed by nearly 40+ points.

The next day I thought let me try again. Wow I found another link to some live footy..Great now I could watch the 6 Nations and Super 14 at the same time.

I am a bit of an underdog supporter so naturally I support Italy in the 6 Nations. There previous 2 games they nearly beat there more fancied opponents with some decent footy. The fact that the coach is from Good Old South Africa did help a bit.

Guess what?? They were completely smashed by a rampant Wales, 40+ again....What was going on.

I then turned my full attention to my Beloved Sharks team as they were playing C's team the Stormers. What a dry game, man my team played more like Sardines then Sharks. 10-12 the final score. Well at least they beat the Stormers. Paint drying springs to mind.

When I then found another link for one more game I was a bit iffy about watching...

The Lions were against the Blues and Boy did it turn into a blue day for the Lions. They were smashed, whipped and tormented by 50+ points. It was toddlers against MEN.

So next time I get a "blow my socks off" grin like a Cheshire cat surprise I will look for my umbrella because life can be so cruel sometimes...