As I love your tunes in my heart
To make me ramble over the desire
To be in the dream by your arms
Just as the moon in the midst of the sky.
love seems be true by the novels of the night
just as the blue of deep sea and the sky
and I croon to dream to be in your side
when you whisper me the art of love.
as I am in unison with the blood
across  the plexus of love and bristling fire
throttling  by the passion as lightening
as the  darkness latches on to the night.
As when endeared by the gleams of the love
when glimmered by the light of the faith
by the grace when braced upon by the bliss
as you hide you from my dreams
as night reasons me to be in your dream
with your glaze when sparkling like dew
time when wrought  by the beauty ineffable
by your muses when shined as verse distracting