Dear friends ,

i do like to introduce myself with my poem abot the time yet intimate , across which we are in constant quest and queries to rave up the life, if u want to read more poems one may visit www. poem hunter .com or in google search, thanks

with kind regards


Ecstasy of love springs up where ever we are
Embracing the time when ever there
be it a dawn or dusk even in wee hours
yet be in mid hours of sun scorching
even being frazzled by the storm bit austere.
Even if be cowered by the waves of the sea
yet be soiled flouncing by dusts of land
hanging in thin air of touching the plume
when all attuned over a time is the weft of love
if you believe yet it blooms all ecstatic
as the faith of love rhymes the tunes
while in embracing the seeming own ness
love seems to be seem less in acceptance 
as intimate as hours thought of yours.
Dr. subhendu kar