Logos all around the world are subject to change. Companies and names change, products are added, branding changes. Companies getting new identieties, or simply want to renew. Often logos are deemed old fashioned and require redesigning.

Redesigning logos, while sometimes needed, is delicate business. One can't simply change a worldwide icon and expect people like it or recognise it. A good example is the logo for the Yellow Pages. Shamelessly taken from Brand New, i wanted to share it here also.

Designmaven wrote:

The ORIGINAL was Designed by Young & Rubicam pre 1969 under the existing ATT Identity Designed by Sandgren & Murtha.

The original Yellow Pages symbol with the "walking fingers" truly is one of the best known and widely used inn logohistory. ATT, the company who initially had the logo designed, for some reason forgot to trademark the logo. The result: public access for the logo and an unimaginable number of companies and organisations now using it.



I have no idea who actually redesigned this logo but I can only add to what's already been <s>unonimously</s> unanimously been expressed over at Brand New: what the HELL were they thinking?

before (left):
Though the font might seem outdated, the original logo is awesome in many ways: it's timeless, strong and ubiquitous. The metaphore of searching visualized in running fingers is quite brilliant, as is the overall clearness and comfort it portrays. It also matches the intended catchphrase "let your fingers do the walking".

after (right):
Then there's the new one. what-the-hell. One can argue it is indeed time to change the brand and logo for the Yellow Pages, us being immersed into the bookless, digital IT world we live in. Why keep the fingers at all? At the very least: don't make it frigging horrendous looking unrecognisable alien claws. It's simply scary. Also, the yellow color is gone. --> cannot compute: why??

A nice example of logos sometime need to be left alone, and things can easily be messed up. Again, the example taken from the Brand New website/blog. A great source of stuff to read if you're avoiding work that needs to be done or simply are bored.

animated gif by glitschka:
<a><img src="http://www.glitschka.com/upload/yellow.gif"/></a>


edit: and why does my animated gif not work? :(