In a rush of vacation-summer-sunshine-joy I walked into the most respectable musicstore I know (Kroese - Nijmegen) and decided it's been way too long I bought something to add my collection. Just having received this month's tipmoney in cash I had this strange feeling and experience of feeling rich.

So, first of all I went and looked up David Gray. Some artists played a too large role in my life to simply not be bought, eventhough I listen David Gray now a lot less than I used to. Went and picked up Sell, Sell, Sell fairly cheap. Think I'm getting close to completing my David Gray collection now, just missing some very early works and his newest album which was a bit disappointing and never got me hooked. Something for another day.

Another Album I ordered before but kinda forgot to pick up was Glee by Bran Van 3000. Alternative Electronic Awesomeness - or, ElectroClash as they call it themselves. Few years old but pretty good stuff worth havingAfter that my eye caught Fink's album Biscuits for Breakfast which I bought on Lowlands when I saw and was impressed by his live performance. An artist somewhat forgotten, I should definately listen some more of it again. Remembering the good times of that year during Lowlands I picked up the album and discovered there was another one behind it. Fink's latest release Distance and Time. Feeling guilty for somewhat forgetting this kinda cool music I felt obliged to buy it, eventhough it was a tad pricy, while shrugging and thinking I'm used to be poor anyway.


So far I have mixed feelings about Distance and Time. There's a few nice tracks on it, but it didn't struck me as well as Biscuits for Breakfast did, though maybe that was because of the live performance and stuff going on back then.





David Gray - Sell Sell Sell Bran Van 3000 - Glee Fink - Distance and Time