Music is a huge part of my life, it defines my emotions. I enjoy travelling through the obscurities and interesting things the (usually lesser well-known) artists in the world have to offer. When I feel like it, I just might share some of the more interesting things here, often reflecting my mood. This week smells like Ben Folds:



Radio Jingle for Tokyo interFM Songs for Silverman

Don't touch that dial,
It's got Jam on it!
Tokyo's no. 1 Music Station,

76.1 - Jam on it!

Tokyo's InterFM!

When the worries of the world have got you feeling down
and you're looking for some music that is pretty good
Tokyo's no. 1 Music Station
76.1... (InterFM)
It's usually pretty good!

Pure Brilliance :) If you're more interested in my music taste or music in general, I'll invite you to my music profile over at, where all my music of the past 3 years (!) has been recorded.

Also, I guess it's time to switch to English, judging the number of international visiters that has come by...