The greatest minds in history
all had this sense of wonder.
They stood before a mystery
whenever being 'yonder'!

Like Alice at the looking glass
I felt a strange attraction.
Did God just let me skip a class?
My mind enlarged a fraction!

What inspiration is, in fact,
was never well explained,
and caught yourself when in the act,
you would feel very strained

to even vaguely try to say
what it was feeling like,
and what you mostly felt that day:
All stoppers were on strike!

You felt like having in your brain
a large, enormous force,
sucking from a direct drain,
connected to a source

a universal pool or sea
so vast and limitless
that leaving neither you nor me
a chance to try and guess

what kind of possibilities
it might indeed contain
and, given the abilities,
we might some day obtain.

You felt like being just a link
connected with mankind.
The deeper you the drain let sink
the more you filled your mind.

And then, it all came out again,
and you just wrote your rhyme
and let some drops from this small drain
appear in space and time!