To write and not to read

- that option wasn't mine.

And till today, indeed

I found that option fine!


But now, I get this feeling

that I must write, not read.

New thoughts my brain send wheeling

- quite strange it is, indeed!


A door has opened up

to places yet unknown

and I feel right on top

a world my very own.


I look into my brain

and find it doing things,

'cause gone is now a strain

and cut are all the strings


that kept my mind enclosed

and mostly in the dark.

But now, I am exposed

when walking in the park


to lots of new ideas,

to thoughts I never had.

I feel among my peers,

my writing isn't bad.


How long that this may last

I haven't got a clue.

A hurdle has been past

- a fact long overdue!


I now am feeling free

with open mind and heart,

the latter filled with glee

to have this second start


in life at sixtyone.

Although I have retired

my life yet isn't done,

because I feel inspired


and feel that I am able

to do quite other things

- and, sitting at my table,

start pulling puppet strings.


Before my very eyes

the puppets start to dance

- from joy, my heart now cries:

to have this second chance!