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    - 10 years ago - 1 comment
    On Flickr, I used the space under my five Moscow photos to tell a little anecdote about an experience I had while sitting on a bench in a park in Tashkent in 1971! Here on Ipernity, however, I have a blog at my disposition. So, instead of doing likewise with the photo called "Dilemma" , I've prefered to tell the story in my blog (as already done with another photo called "Scared"!) As I'm not a very practical person, all the travels I've made have been arranged by somebody else. I've jus…

  • Rendez-vous with a Prince

    - September 18, 2008 - 4 comments
    Once, on a piece of stone somewhere in outer space a prince felt quite alone and jumped to quit the race. He landed in the sand beside Exupéry and told about his land and of his tragedy. His home was very small, and all that it could keep so that it didn't fall would be an only sheep. - o - Last night, I had a dream about this little prince, and almost, it would seem, now just a few years hence he might be back again and visit Earth once more. So, no…


    - June 23, 2008
    If in the arts you build on sand your house of cards will never stand. If you alone your prose admire your style and tone are lacking fire. Cut to the bone with ev'ry rhyme, try build with stone - not pass the time! If what you say is making sense and day by day you move your fence your probing mind is fanning out, and what you find may make you proud! An uncut stone reflects no light and you alone have got the right   to cut your…

  • S U C K E R ?

    - June 19, 2008
    The greatest minds in history all had this sense of wonder. They stood before a mystery whenever being 'yonder'! Like Alice at the looking glass I felt a strange attraction. Did God just let me skip a class? My mind enlarged a fraction! What inspiration is, in fact, was never well explained, and caught yourself when in the act, you would feel very strained to even vaguely try to say what it was feeling like, and what you mostly felt that day: All stoppers w…

  • Scared . . .

    - March 12, 2008 - 1 comment
    As told in my first short story, I began school in April 1943. Denmark had been occupied by the Nazis since April 1940, and during my first year at school the war entered my little world. The very first 'public' memory of mine is the day Denmark was invaded: April 9, 1940. I have some 'private' memories of my two year younger brother with his feeding-bottle, but April 1940 was the first time in my life that the world outside my family affected me directly to a degree that I still remember ever…

  • A Pipe With a Different Sound

    - March 12, 2008
    In my first story, I gave a short description of where my grandparents' villa was situated. When I went to Brussels in 1973, my cousin was the owner of the farm that my grandfather had bought in the year 1900, and my uncle and aunt now lived in that villa. Until my parents both died in 1991, I went to Denmark at least once a year, each time spending an afternoon visiting also my uncle and aunt , and when my cousin had finished his working day, we usually had dinner at the farm and all of u…

  • When and Why I Gave Up Smoking

    - February 16, 2008
    My 74th birthday now rapidly approaching, I'm blessed with a very good health. Ever since my arrival in Brussels in 1973, I've been nicknamed 'le viking' among my Belgian friends: No Belgian has ever seen me wearing an overcoat, and yet I'm the one who seems never to catch a cold. And if I do - never say never(!) - it only lasts 2 or 3 days. Recently, my brother-in-law who is 8 years younger than me has 'invented' a new nickname for me that has catched on among my Belgian friends: 'l'inoxidable'…


    - February  9, 2008 - 2 comments
    Je suis un papillon qui vole dans le soleil. Ma vie est sans raison - utiles sont les abeilles!   Car elles et les fourmis sont là pour le travail. Je sais: à leur avis la vie est une bataille.   Mais moi, je passe mon temps ici, parmi les fleurs, qui couvrent tous les champs - me mettent de bonne humeur.   Ma vie est inutile mais pleine de belles couleurs. Je suis assez fragile - de moi, personne n'a peur!   Les autres font du miel…


    - February  9, 2008
    Workaholics live and die just for mammon and a raise. What I do is to defy all they covet, wish and praise. Workaholics have no time, only money, work and stress. Why I write a useless rhyme none of them could even guess!                                       Jens.

  • P R O G R E S

    - February  9, 2008
    Avant, chez ma maman j'étais souvent des deux enfants le malheureux. Maint'nant, avec les ans je sais comment devient l'enfant un mâle heureux!                  Jens.

  • P R O G R E S S ?

    - February  9, 2008
    Our technical world is moving ahead, 'advancing' with frightening speed! Why don't we just stop and ponder, instead, if that's what we really need?                                  Jens.  

  • N E B E N S A C H E

    - February  9, 2008
    Wer die Wahrheit sucht im Leben, der wird Philosoph. Wem die wahrheit ging daneben - der bleibt eben doof!                         Jens.

  • G E S C H A E F T E

    - February  9, 2008
    Mit Butter und Kanonen Geschäfte gut sich lohnen: Die Leute kaufen erst die Butter - und werden dann: Kanonenfutter!

  • D A N K B A R K E I T

    - February  9, 2008
    Wie ein Segen fällt der Regen über Feld und Wald. Doch, der Bauer wird schnell sauer: "Kommt die Sonne bald?!!!"                                Jens.

  • G R A T I T U D E

    - February  8, 2008
    To write and not to read - that option wasn't mine. And till today, indeed I found that option fine!   But now, I get this feeling that I must write, not read. New thoughts my brain send wheeling - quite strange it is, indeed!   A door has opened up to places yet unknown and I feel right on top a world my very own.   I look into my brain and find it doing things, 'cause gone is now a strain and cut are all the strings   that kept my min…