The first thing I notice authoring this article is that you cannot center a photo thumnail in the page. You cannot seem to adjust the size of the photo other than "thumbnail" or "full width". But you can seem to edit the html source code to accomplish that. When selecting photos to add from this website, the photos are not grouped into their albums but presented as a stream, so if you have thousands of photos I suppose it would be very difficult to find and select what you want to add.

There seems to be no way to embed an image from another website. I suppose I could edit the source and create an image tag with a link to an image, but why would I want to do that? If I wanted to do my own html coding I wouldn't be here. Ipernity should have that feature.

Ipernity's main website follows many others in that the sign up button is front and center while the important details one wants to know before signing up are hard to find. For example, I wanted to know what the membership options, plans, and limitations are. This is not obvious and has to be dug for. I also wanted to know what the users' "back end" administration GUI looks like. For this is what makes or breaks the users' desire to use the site. This can not be found on I had to do a Google image search to see it.

It's interesting that Ipernity has many aspects of a social community without incorporating user ability to create short "Status updates"

I wonder if the term "Articles" is a good one. Do people really want to write "Articles" in that sense of the word? Are we all newsmen or researchers? Perhaps some do, but maybe "Pages" would be a better term.

Ipernity's photo organization scheme has albums shown as thumbnails. This is nice ifyou have a handful of albums, but for a few hundred albums, album thumbnails are cumbersome. To remedy this, Ipernity should allow albums to be placed in folders.