So... school has started again so I have less time to go traveling about towns and citys which why ive been abit MIA recently :( Sad times. As soon as I get the chance Im going to go back into town and get some night photographs of the millenium bridge beacause at night it is lit up with rainbow colours! :D So keep an eye out for that... Should be up in a couple weeks because the dark nights are back! Another thing is in photography at the moment Im doing a project for my personal study which is centered around dreams and fantasy and im getting inspiration from a photographer called Lissy Elle who I admire so so sooo much, so if you have tips at all I would make me soooo happy! And last but least A BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU! To everyone who has commeted and viewed and favorited any of my photographs! It means so much to me honestly, it has given a big confidence boost in my photographs and the ones I didnt really think were at the best standered got some lovely comments! I can not thank you all enough! :D x