So, since last year I am more or less in a dolly crisis. I cutted down my collection to 2 dolls right now and I am not pretty much sure of their future. Past few months I've been debating with myself shall I maybe leave this hobby at all, or start all over or just don't push myself into any decisions I am not sure of. So I didn't make any decisions ater selling my ltf ante (Lulu) and pkf ante (and much more earlier few other dolls). Before the big ciris I wanted feeple60 mirwen badly (back then didn't have any funds) , then the ciris came and after selling Lulu and pkf I gathered some funds.........but....meanwhile I started to lurk over the minifees and thinking. More and more I can't stop to stare at mnf chloe and I have like thousands faved pics in flickr of her and few other mnfs. Still I gather also pics of big mirwen. The thing is I am not sure which one I prefer, recently taking Mia out (lishe) made me think her size starts to bugging me, but then I am not sure how I would feel with mnf in hand...(long time ago I nad msd, but not slim one and wasn't in awe). I guess at this point it would be great if I could order both mnf chloe and feeple60 mirwen and then see how we would bond, but I can afford one at once. There's few cons more for mnf chloe - if I order her at least I can also buy her stuff and afford faceup more less, if I get mirwen she will have to wait for faceup untill I gather funds again and share things (along with wigs) with Mia. Some would say - go and try with mnf, you can always sell her. Yeap, i can do that, but how I hate to do that lmao. I sold Lulu, while I didnt have as much love for her anymore, but some part of me felt guilty. And as for future of Em and Mia...some part of me says to let them go, but I also know I will feel very guilty. Mia - she is my very first doll and very very loved untill the crisis came. I love her still somehow, but I dunno if I would regret her or not. Same is with Emily - she isnt my first though (one of the last hehe) but she is special, my little sad face that I feel was my strongest creations from all of the dolls, if you know what I mean.

Heh, so what would you do? Shall I get the mnf bug and try? Or maybe shall i wait till some meetup I could go and see mnf in person (and hell I dunno when it could happen, I dont have time...or there's no meetup planned at once I have...gah)