Hi, call me Rui.
It is not my real name but I would prefer to keep that thing in my life private for now. I am a self-proclaimed artist. (Although most of the time, I do not feel that.)
You see, I happen to grew up in an environment that happensto be not only restricted but also a little encouragement. Yeah, kinda sucks but hey, I think I manage just fine. I don't know about you but I feel I got so many undeveloped skills and it annoys me. Not the fact that I have skills but the truth that they are UNDEVELOPED.

Maybe you are like me... maybe you think I am just a foolish insane girl that is ranting at the world but this is my page... MINE.
And right now, I am attempting again to keep tracks on my progress. If I can keep this on for a long time, then I will be really happy. If not, well I guess I am really lazy. LOL.

I guess this will end my first entry, I know it is not much. But I actually doubt someone will read this one. I do hope someone will read my next entries.