So, Ldoll festival was last week end.
I had a booth there to present my clothes and necklaces. And i am also one of the three organizer of the festival.
I didn't have a lot of time to be on my stand. Hopefully four adorable friends managed it for me. I think my stand was not enough impressive this year. As i have less dolls to show, maybe my decoration was too discret to be really noticed. But the most important thing is always to learn to do something better next year ! I just have to buy some dolls more to do something more spectacular next year. ^^
And the organization was hard this year. Many problems to solve quickly, but well, i mean this is why we are here with my two other friends : manage the problems, take responsability and do our best for the festival to go the good way ! And it went the good way ! Four years of experiences with that kind of problem that we couldn't expect at all have already shapped me in a stronger way !
It has been a great week end anyway. I met a lot of people i don't see a lot out of the festival, and this is so great to share your hobby with people interesting in it too ! I have been very reasonnable with orders, i just bought a pair of enchanted doll eyes, and a wig from jpopdolls.
Thank you to all the people who came at ldoll this year again, and all the people who came to my own stand ^^