Virtually everyone utilises a photo calendar of some kind to keep track of their appointments and commitments during the course of the week, month and year. The simplicity and flexibility of such publications makes them perfect for the purpose in question and, despite the rise of electronic organising devices, they show no signs of being superseded. Whilst the appearance of such a calendar may seem like a trivial matter, it may not strike you as such after you’ve spent six months looking at it more or less each and every day. That’s why creating your own photo calendar online is such a good idea.

The average calendar available in the shops tends to feature imagery which is, at best, extremely boring. Because they have to appeal to the widest possible market, manufacturers tend to play things safe with anodyne natural images or dull works of art which we’ve all seen a million times before. If you’re a sports fan or wildly in love with a particular teen pop star then you might be able to find something you’ll enjoy looking at, but the bulk of people tend to go for the ‘least worst’ option and simply put up with it.
Everything else you have on display in your home has been chosen because you like looking at it, however, either because it has emotional resonance or simply on aesthetic grounds. When you consider the fact that you’ll be checking a calendar at least once a day this seems to be a ridiculous situation, but it’s thankfully not one which you have to put up with any more. When most people hear the phrase ‘make photo calendars’ they may find themselves coming up with images of sitting down with cardboard, photographs and a tube of glue, which is to say creating something which looks pretty shabby. The truth, however, is just as you can create a stunning canvas print, you can use the same technology to create calendars which are more than a match for those available in the shops, and often at a fraction of the cost.

Most people, when creating canvas prints online, are stunned to discover just how simple the technology has been made. The same is true when you sit down to create calendars, with the slight caveat being that the average calendar contains at least a dozen images rather than just one, and will involve a few more design choices. The good news, however, is that these choices have been turned into simple, logical questions and that laying out your calendar is going to be fun rather than hard work.

The first question to ask yourself is precisely which images you wish to feature. For many people, it’s simply a question of selecting the favourite images of their children or other family snapshots, whilst others may opt to create a themed calendar, with the images centring upon an event, a theme or a hobby. The number of images is a decision in your hands. If you wish to include one large, dramatic image for every page of a monthly calendar then, clearly, you only need a dozen photographs. There are other options, however – you may wish to feature multiple images on each page or a mix of single and multiple on different months.

Another option, if you simply haven’t got the heart to edit the number of photographs right down, is to create a weekly calendar, usually to sit on a desktop, with fifty three pages and an image on each. No matter what choice you make, creating your calendar is quick and easy. Once you’ve selected the images you just have to upload them to the website of your choice. The software provided to turn the images into a calendar has been built to keep things incredibly simple. The design choices you need to make have been boiled down to a series of easy choices, starting with the size, shape and format of your calendar and moving up through the graphic style and layout of each page. The key is flexibility- so you can have certain dates pre-printed, utilise distinctive frames and backgrounds and even start with a month other than January. Despite the affordable price, your calendar will be put together using the finest materials and latest printing techniques, meaning that it will still look fantastic long after the year in question has ended.

The rise of digital technology has made it possible for anyone and everyone to decorate their homes and work places with objects which are utterly unique, stunningly beautiful and totally personal. Whether you design a canvas print or make photo calendars you’ll be accessing your inner artist and creating something which changes the ambience and brings pleasure on a daily basis.