It was time to pick the raspberries so I retrieved my camera from beside the computer where my husband, Tom was working.
"I'd better have this,! I said, "for you never know." But I had no expectation of taking any shots.
Out I went and had just started to pick when a sound caught my attention and I looked up. There was a hot air balloon floating slowly over our house. I called to Tom and he came out with his binoculars. I started shooting, clicking far more than I needed for you never know, some of them might not work well. A second balloon slowly appeared. Eventually I went back to the raspberries but soon there was a big bang causing birds to emerge into the air from the trees around but I was too slow to catch them on camera. Shortly afterwards I saw a sleepy bee but that flew away too. A fourth balloon appeared and I caught that with no trouble. Finally I finished picking the raspberries.