September 23rd and 24th. Photos on my photostream.
Basic recipe
1 pint water to 2lb apples, 3 quarters of lb sugar to pint of juice.

Wash fruit, cut up if large, boil in preserving pan with the measured water, simmer until soft, strain through a clean cloth and leave all night. Next day measure juice, boil for 10 minutes, warm sugar in oven and jam jars.
The last stage was to gradually add the sugar stirring until melted then to boil fast. Skim off any skum. I add a knob of butter and few drops of lemon juice as well as an apple mint leaf in some or all of the mix. When the surface starts to crinkle then it is ready to set. You can test it by cooling a little on a saucer to see if it sets. Wheni t does take it off the heat and stir in a setting agent such as certo or peptin as directed on label. Turn into jam jars.

A few calculations I made on a slip of paper.
8 & 3 quarters lb apples.
4 kg = 8.819 lb.
100gm = 4oz.

I made 6 & half jam jars full.

I also sieve a little of the gunge to make a sort of make up apple sundae. I just add what seems right from food cupboard such as honey to sweeten, a little apple jelly or possibly cream or ice cream and boil it up. Then I freeze it.