i made this up myself...

lemon garlic cilantro breaded catfish with seasoned rice
prep time: 15-20 minutes, cook time 15-20 minutes

shopping list
1/4 c. white cooking wine
olive oil
butter (no margarine)
1 white onion average size
1 bundle fresh cilantro
fresh garlic
green/garden onions
bottle of capers
3-4 or more catfish fillets, can be frozen
bag of plain white rice (substitute to preferences)
bread crumbs (smashed saltines work phenomenally well)

*heat approx 3 tb of olive oil, 2 tb of butter and 1/4 c white wine, in sauce pan large enough to cook rice
*add 1/4 white onion, finely diced, one pressed or finely chopped clove of garlic, and a small handful of very finely chopped cilantro, add salt if you like
*sautee until onion starts to become soft, but do not brown onion
add additional water to cook rice (as many servings as your needs require)
*bring to boil, add rice, cook as normal (reduce temp to slow simmer, cover and stir frequently)

prepare dressing for fish:
*in a small bowl mix
-1/3 c olive oil
-4 large garlic cloves, finely chopped
-sm handful shredded cilantro
-2 green/garden onions finely chopped
-sm amount of white onion chopped
-1-2 large tb.s capers
*set aside

in large skillet that can be transferred to the oven:
*drizzle oil to almost cover bottom of pan, add a tab or two of butter, start to heat
*season fish with coarse salt, seasoning salt, fresh ground pepper, thyme, and oregano
*put fish into heated pan
*spoon dressing on top of fish, like a relish
*cover fish with super fine bread/cracker crumbs
*move fish to oven broil approx 15-ish minutes until top of crumbs are passing golden brown and fish wants to flake apart when you try to life with fork.

serve fish on bed of rice with cesar side salad...