Hello, as my first article this is kind of bold. After all, I'm a concept designer at heart and not a builder or engineer as a profession. But to National Grid's NY HQ as well as Cuomo's "Charge NY" plan I would like to consider pitching a new H-frame concept that hopefully will carry lines running at 500kv. 345kv is still fine but I simply want to try and "bridge" a new connection between the Marcy substation fueled by Quebec's 765kv lines and the Ramapo sub powered by NJ's 500kv without so much of the stress already provided by our current lattice towers.

Even if this is read I want to follow up this article with concept art. I should submit this H-frame concept online by the end of tomorrow. It should provide a basis of how I would like to visualize the final structure. Thank you. :)