After my journey through the hot Indian plainlands and the cold mountains of the Himalaya I´m happy to be in Berlin. The influence of mostly more than two different cultures in Indian towns had left a strong impression and sensiticed my feeling for tolerance. 

Although travelling alone there was never the feeling for being alone because most of the time you meet other travellers who follow your way or you get easily in contact with the Indians.

I was surprised that almost every big temple offers free food for poor people and could not understand why there were so many people and children begging for food.

Maybe the Indian economy would become much more stronger if there wouldn´t be so much religious holidays but without old religious ceremonies and places would be forgotten.

Bus driving with public busses is hard to stand together with a crowd of 100-150 people and temperatures of 45°C. Otherwise the infrastructure and the fares are reasonable although traffic seems to be chaotic and destructive.

I wish you have a nice time and many greetings back from Berlin,