My pictures of the Spreepark on 02/ 20/ 2008 should give a short impression of the beauty and paradox appearance of a place which became in the years 1969-1989 a famous place for fun and activity for the people of the former GDR. Up to 1,7 mio. visitors came here each year.

The attractions of the park contain a ferris wheel with 45 meters of heights that was unique in the GDR and offers its passangers a great view over the tops of berlin. You even could see the Alexanderplatz which is in the middle of the town. In Spreepark you could use scooters, roundabouts, a ferris wheel or visit a restaurant until 1989 when the GDR government was overthrown.

In 1990 a huge amusement company from hamburg rented the area and built modern attractions like a roller coaster, a wild-water channel, a swing boat and a haunted house. For some years the amount of visitors reached the mark of 1,5 mio. visitors a year but the lack of parking space and the expensive entrance fee led to the fact that the management had to close it in 2001.

Nowadays the most attractive fun rides have been sold but some of the older ones still can be seen here. A security service was engaged to take care of this area. But don´t be afraid I didn´t see anybody on the compound except an couple that took some photos.

Greetings from Berlin and take a visit to Spreepark,

enjoy yourself!


Here´s the link to my album of the Spreepark: