Equipped with a guide of the DuMont-Edition (Graf, Margarete: Flandern : Antwerpen, Brügge-Gent. 2., akt. Aufl. Ostfildern : DuMont Reiseverlag, 2007. ISBN 978-3-7701-6424-0) I started my walk through Bruges. As I had heard about the Belgian laces I was glad to read in this guide that there was an exhibition in the Museum "Arenthius" giving a survey of production and history of laces (Page 60). By chance I asked the gentleman at the counter about this exhibition. He sighed, than told me how to find the real lace-museum which was only a 15 minutes walk away in the Jeruzalemstraat: a very fine museum with an exhibition of all kind of laces and in a special room a demonstration of the bobbin lacemaking. Next door is a very interesting church worth to be seen and in the next street there's a folklore museum showing traditional handcraft (without demonstration, only exhibition).

Then, in Antwerp, I had the idea to visit the Fashion-Museum which was supposed to show fashion through the ages upto our time. This time I didn't ask before paying my ticket and I had been really, really surprised. What I got to see was the birthday exhibition of collections of the "Maison Martin Margiela" which I have regarded more as an art exhibition than as an exhibition of historical costume. It was very interesting, too!

So, I should thank the DuMont-Edition for this kind of mis-guiding as for me it brought valuable experiences and informations. - Now I am almost sorry not to have gone to Gent for being "mis-guided" there, too. - Well, next time.