Hi everybody,

I'd like to present my agency and my Italian city to you.

My Lucca-based villa rental agency operates on-line all over the Lucca, Garfagnana and Versilia areas in northern Tuscany region of central Italy. We have some fine offers of holiday homes and villas in the area, so most probably here you will find what you are looking for. We can help foreign tourists and students find their perfect retreat near the sea of Tuscany, inside historic Lucca, up in the hills around Lucca and in the Garfagnana valley north of Lucca.

(By the way...I say "we" but there's me and myself here! Although I also have some collaborations abroad.)

LUCCA is a city in Tuscany

The old romantic city of Lucca in central Italy is the ideal starting point to visit all the other art cities of Tuscany, like Pisa and Florence. So why not find here your perfect villa, your dream apartment, your B&B in the historic city centre or in the beautiful hills surrounding the medieval city near the worldly Versilian coast and the unspoilt Garfagnana mountains?

Lucca is a small city with a rich history. It's a city that has magically preserved itself. Traces of different centuries may still be found in its urban fabric. A walk through the center of Lucca becomes an exciting voyage through times: apart from its monuments, such as the sixteenth-seventeenth century walls, Lucca stands out for its integrity and its atmosphere as a lively city. You just need to look down from one of its towers, or to wander through the narrow medieval streets, to be fascinated by the white marble of its superb Romanesque churches, the orange-red colors of its thirteenth-fourteenth century buildings, the grey of the paving stones, the green of the vegetation peeping out all over...

Lucca has many beautiful attractions. First of all its churches, among which are the many Romanesque churches. The church of
San Michele, the Duomo of San Martino and the Basilica of San Frediano should not be missed. Inside the Duomo (the Cathedral) the visitor is stunned by the elegance and loveliness of the fifteenth century monument dedicated to Ilaria del Carretto (by sculptor Jacopo della Quercia), as well as by the austere solemnity of Ghirlandaio's Sacra Conversazione. In the Basilica of San Frediano, which recalls the first roman early Christian churches, the mosaic on the façade is splendid, as is the frescoes by Bolognese Amico Aspertini inside.

A walk along the city walls shouldn't be missed, too. The ramparts (thirty meters wide at the base, preserving their original state) cover over four kilometers. With their vegetation, they make a highly original public park from which it is possible to enjoy views of the city and the surrounding hills.

A trip to the Guinigi
Tower is also highly recommended. The Tower offers a fabulous view and, with its oak trees planted at the top, it is also one of the symbols of the city. A visit should also be made to the nineteenth century Piazza Anfiteatro, built on the remains of the ancient Roman Amphitheater. From here, walk on towards the house of Giacomo Puccini (now a museum with the composer's piano), and further on to Via del Battistero. This street is renowned in the world for its antique dealers. The antiques market on the third Sunday every month is also famous. For thirty years, it has drawn innumerable lovers to the city's piazzas and streets.

...And now, come and see this beautiful city with your own eyes. While if you have already visited it, you can write your travel report on the blog page of my site. We'll be pleased to read it!

See you soon in Lucca!

Paola Corsi


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