Once upon a time there were the objective facts of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. All was well in all the lands when all could agree on all. One day some Einstein came along and said that truth and untruth, beauty and ugliness, goodness and evil co-insided within the same object, or, lets call them "people." This confused everybody (and didn't confuse them at the same time), and we ended up with hobos and beatniks. They sang: "The Earth is square and the Moon is round."

Most people stuck with the old standard of objectivity. It was simple, after all. Once the objective facts were set up (hmm...) you couldn't argue with it. And no one liked to argue.

But a growing number of the people did like to argue. They said, "Truth, beauty, and goodness are subjective!" They believed everybody is their own unique universe. But complications ensued. Black became white. Up became down. They didn't seem to realize that black/white and up/down are the same thing, depending on how/when/if you look at it/them.

Then, to many's surprise, objectivists started to see the light/dark and became ardent subjectivists. After all, "If nobody believes what I think," they reasoned, "I must indeed be a god." "We are all gods!" They adorned themselves with some very godlike/ungodlike clothes, and created new/old creations, which were all a lot of fun. They tried to hang out with like-minded others, which worked for awhile, till they realized there were no like-minded others. Everyone's mind was unique/not unique. This became very problematic. First they sang: "I Me Mine," then they just stopped all that ridiculous singing. Conundrums ensued.

Time passed, as it will never fail to do.

On one seemingly boring/special day, the whole Earth shook. Most people didn't even notice, as they were very busy arguing their point of view. Some people, however, heard something. They thought it was the song of an especially loud whale, while some other they's thought it was that Einstein guy having a nervous breakdown/inspired moment. But a few who really heard knew what it was. They were so powerful in their Truth that others came to see that this Truth was indeed True. Soon a critical mass of people came together for the common good because, after all, even gods have needs, as everybody knows/doesn't know. And there were so many gods.

What they learned together/separately was that the Earth just couldn't take it anymore. No two ways about it. The Earth said, "Wha? What happened to all those nice songs? And why do you all dress so terribly now? Hey! Don't you see? You made me square. What I am is Truth/untruth, beauty/ugliness, goodness/evil, but you people are driving me nuts with all your arguing, indecision, and your justice system of violence. Listen up! Get off my cloud already!"

Yes. The people heard/didn't hear loud and clear as mud. So they decided to give Earth a break, as it were, and go colonize other planets and moons. So the solar system lived/didn't live happily ever after.

Take that.