I was waiting for two Blythes (separate shipments). Both package slips arrived today, and my husband found them in the mailbox. Today is also our anniversary and he joked that he had gifts for me from Hong Kong.

I picked up the boxes the same night. These being serious dolls, and him knowing about them anyway, I did the whole unboxing in the living room. Slowly, carefully. When I was done I sat down next to him and asked, I don't suppose you want to see what I got? I had ordered a pair of Blythe shoes with one of the dolls, and he had already seen those so he suggested there was one shoe in one box and one in the other. "I hope you didn't get two right shoes!" Very Funny. :-p I'm so happy that he makes jokes about it.

I showed him both dolls, including some string pulling. He went *gasp!* seeing the orange pair of eyes. He doesn't "get" it (and I don't expect him to) but he seems reasonably at ease with it all. I hope he is.