My Patience doll arrived today. She's amazing! I don't often let my husband know when I aquire a new doll, but today I made an exception. "So, I picked up something at the post office today", I told him. He guessed correctly at what I had picked up. Later, in our study, I had propped her up in a shelf for him to see. Only, he didn't notice. I asked, "Did you see her yet?" He looked over to where I tend to keep a few Monster High dolls and suggested the Headless Headmistress was the new doll. I shook my head. He scanned the shelf, and literally jumped.

I know her eyes are special, but I wasn't prepared for his reaction. I'm so used to looking at dolls now that I didn't realize exactly how striking she is. I told him, It's the kind of doll that comes alive during the night. He agreed, and he also seemed alarmed. He asked, how many dolls are you going to get? No more than 10, I hope? Duh. So he hasn't opened any of my drawers, then. And he hasn't noticed that the Monster Highs I keep out tend to change.

I thought he knew. I'm up to almost 20 Monster Highs, a BJD, a Pullip, and about 15 other dolls. Add a few Sonny Angels, PinyPons, and Mini Lalaloopsies to the mix. I was supposedly getting a few dolls to knit for, but there is no question I am now getting dolls because I like dolls.

Seeing as Mr Katten _still_ thinks I only have a handful, now would be the time to prune back the collection and send some into proper hiding. I don't want to but I fear the day that our 2 year old pulls out the Monster High drawer for him to see. It looks like Mama's going slightly Mad ;-)