I'll soon travel to see a dear friend. She has two daughters (4 and 7). Having two sons myself, this is the perfect excuse to prepare some nice doll presents. I have two Ever After High dolls - Madeline Hatters - on their way from the UK (without going through a forwarding service!). There's one for me and one for the 7-year old. She could become the first little girl in Norway to have an EAH doll!

For the 4-year old, I bought a "Nancy" doll - by the Spanish company Famosa. She's 43 cm (17 inches) and has 5 points of articulation. She has an intense face with large eyes and full lips - a little exaggerated, but much cuter than the alternative, "Madeleine" by Simba Toys. This specific Nancy has short, straight hair, which I think is a good thing - it reduces the risk that the hair gets messed up. I hope the recipient won't be disappointed by the lack of long, golden princess locks.

Nancy's outfit looked boring:

I decided to make her a new dress, which I sketched and made cardboard templates for.

The first attempt was a failure. I tried to just stitch back the edges at the neck- and armholes. It was difficult, and it looked ugly. Also, the template needed a few adjustments.

Then I made this, which turned out pretty much the way I hoped:

This time, I lined the shoulder/chest part to get a neater edge. I made little cuts in the seam allowance. Wonder if I should have secured them somehow - they're really close to the seam!

Then, a separate overskirt in a fun, girly fabric:

That's better! This was a lot of fun. I started a new one:

A bit more modest this time. I added orange trim at the waist - orange does not appear anywhere else in this dress so it may seem like a weird choice, but I think it spices things up.

And a tulle overskirt:

It covers the orange for a more obvious color combination. The overskirt has a bow at the back. A pink headband further increases the princess factor.

The tulle skirt looks lopsided and too big in this picture - that's because it casts a shadow...

I considered starting a pair of harem-like pants - but then I decided to get some sleep instead. Besides, it's already hard to explain to my friend (who is not a doll enthusiast) that I would care to make all this. So it's a wrap, for now.

Here's everything:

From the back:

Implementation details:

I made a quick drawstring bag to hold everything:

Nancy re-boxed:

She's up to her ears in tulle. I do hope Andrea likes dolls.

PS: I love my ruffler attachment! It is the best thing to happen to my sewing machine.

PPS: Now Madeline Hatter seems boring in comparison. Maybe she'll get an extra outfit, too... not that I'm too keen on sewing that small. 17 inches really is a good size!