Today's work took extra time because i needed to construct my "scale," refine my planned shot locations, and then document the locations so i can return to them easily.
Set up guides Set up guides Set up guides I'd already familiarized myself with how the angle of view on my lens would cover the area, so i had a good idea of where i would set up and shoot.

New Tool: Scale indicator The scale is a yellow rope with white tape, marking out decimeters (or, about four inch units). While Jim Coleman used a several meter high pole with similar units, i couldn't imagine it would be easy to keep such a scale at hand "just in case." This construction is fairly lightweight and compact. I intend to carry this lightweight tripod as an extra "hand" in the field, for diffusers and what not: the addition of a scale is a nice bonus.

I documented the location of each shot two ways: with a long averaged GPS point and with a photo of the tripod feet. Each location has fairly clear landmarks for the tripod, so the GPS is a bonus. However, the camera GPS locations are fairly far off the mark, so the accurate GPS points will be nice for mapping at some future time.

Reminders for next time: don't forget the memory card! I bring a way to measure camera height in order to keep it consistent from month to month.

View 1 a, at 18mm focal length (27 mm equivalent)

View 2, at 55mm focal length (87 mm equivalent)

View 4, at 18mm focal length (27 mm equivalent)