Days like these don't fall upon often - I was meeting up with a friend, going to have fun. Days like these are a rare speciality, where we can do anything, or nothing and still have the time of our lives.
It's very sunny for once :D
My school report came at last.
Although I was very nervous as I broke the seal, and teared open the envelope, I needn't have be so.
Top in eight subjects, and second in one, which was litterally the most amazing feeling ever!!
HOWEVER, Although, I have been doing well in art all year, but this time.... WAY BELOW MEDIAN. *sigh* The only score that truly matters is the one that I did awful in. I'm trying my best to cheer myself up (eating Magnums, going swimming, reading Harry Potter etc.) but I'm so annoyed. You see, I suddenly took a notion a little while back that I wanted to be a paediatricion, which is great, because I love Maths and Science. But I have also always had this really crazy dream that I'd become an animator- and some day I'd get really good and work for Disney or something, so, yeah, I wanted to show my parents (who are all for me becoming a paediatrition) that I was good enough at Art. I mean, I've always been good at sketches, and most especially cartoons, but NO, I painted too many spots on my Rainbow Trout, so Mrs S (not using her full name~ see previous artical) gave me a low mark. And I try SO HARD in her class.
On a happier note, the rest of my report was amazing, and the Principle said on my report "This is an absolutely outstanding achievement".
*sigh* I suppose that's a very sunny bright side.

And as I sail, so shall I be,