Like many, I was annoyed with the changes Flickr have made and came to Ipernity largely as a result of my dissatisfaction. As I have 18 months remaining on a gifted Flickr Pro account, but now receive only slight benefits over a non-paying member and am inelligible for a refund, I do not want to commit to paying for Club Ipernity, thus I am sticking with the free account.

What this means is I am limited to 200MB of uploads per month. Some see this as a limitation, but I see it as a chance to really pick through my best photos and, using the provided GreaseMonkey scripts, transfer only the photos I'm most pleased with to Ipernity.

In practice I've been a little lazier than this, and picked entire sets, rather than individual photos, but it's still given me the chance to go through my photos and, more importantly, reflect on my they've improved since I first started snapping around two years ago.