I was so sad to remove my photos from Flickr yesterday. I have been a member there for 7 years, learned so much and made many friends. I will keep my acct but most likely will not be posting there any more.
It seems a ghost town to me. Quite a few of my web friends have moved on to facebook, tumblr, etc...a few have died, some lost interest in photography....the format changed and I don't like it as well (that big black homepage is unappealing to me) and maybe like most things it has just run its course.
So now I am here. It will take a while to find my way around, connect with some old and new friends, and decide how I will use this acct. One change: I am uploading larger files. My flickr stream had my fave photos posted there, but for the most part they were just web files, so not much good for anything other than sharing on line.
I also plan on being more circumspect in what I shoot, how much I shoot and where I share it. I have stuff all over the web...too much. On my list to do: make more photo books...i have done a few but struggle with themes, etc...this year I am just going to dump the files in "auto book" and let the software do it's thing. Ten years from now the only thing that will matter are the photos themselves, not the theme, order or arrangement.
Anyways, enough for now...and i DO love the option of sharing words as well as pictures on my site....