Like many on the forums and some among my contacts, I've been frustrated by the recent changes to Flickr but have wanted to let them bed in to see if I can get used to them. Mostly I can, but there's one particular buggy thing that keeps happening. When I go to an individual photo page (one of my photos or someone else's, it doesn't matter), I can't see the image. There's just a black box. I can see the image in Light Box view, but I want to see it on the photo page so that I can look at Exif info and see the comments. I reported it when it first happened, about a month ago, and it was fixed, but yesterday it happened again. I reported it again and within an hour it was working properly again. So that's something. But how do I know that this won't keep happening? It's frustrating!

One thing that holds me back from making a permanent move from Flickr to here is that I have almost 5,000 images on Flickr, at high resolution, and moving them over here to a free account is slow. The monthly limit means I've only managed to move 35 photos so far. I'm reasonably impressed by the script I've installed to help with the move - it's quick, but then it also carries on 'importing' even though my monthly Ipernity limit has been reached. I don't want to join the Ipernity Club just yet in case Flickr sorts itself out and I feel like I can stay there and not get too annoyed.

Another thing that holds me back (and it's the same reason I persist with Facebook and ignore the privacy and IP issues on there) is that some of my contacts on Flickr don't have photosharing accounts elsewhere. So if I want to see their photos, I'm going to have to carry on using Flickr.

If only I weren't so change averse!