We arrived here in Veliko Tarnovo (VT) on 11 June and from previous visits I remember that the first lesson I have to learn here is to be patient! not one of my strongest attributes lol Everything in Bulgaria takes time so I need to be patient.
Examples are, going to the bank to get money out as I don't have a debit card yet (it takes time) To get money out took almost an hour even with Yonka translating!!

First few days here we were going everywhere by taxi which is an experience! In one day we were in 2 taxis which broke down and taxi drivers dont wear seat belts though it's the law. Some drivers tell me not to bother, others say the belt is broken!
We've rented a new 2 bed apartment till we find a house to buy and the apartment is ok as it's in a nice neighbourhood, near a bus route etc. But the search for a house has already begun. Lengthy conversations with the estate agent suggests that everyone here tries to avoid paying taxes (just like home)So a house advertised as furnished at 100k means that the seller can declair that he sold the furniture to me for 20k (aye right)and since he bought the house for 70k he's only making 10k profit and therefore only liable for tax on the 10k!! Neat Hu?

Back to the debit card. Yonka got one after 30 mins of form filling and a 5 day wait as she is Bulgarian. for me to get one I have to (wait for it) register with the police. But, can't do that as I don't yet have a permanant address (phew!)

All in all we are getting there slowly, and we are enjoying it here. The weather's great, the people are nice,the beer is good, the beer is cheap, and people teach me a new Bulgarian word every day. Yesterday's word was Lino (thats how it's pronounced)and means SHIT.....I think they're taking the P here

So these are the opening lines of the journal which I hope friends find both educational and amusing as we go on. I thought this would be better than bunging everything on Facebook and boring the butt off people who're not the least interested in it. On the other hand if you've read thus far you must be at least curious, so please re visit occasionally. I'll let you know via FB when there are updates. But remember....EVERYTHING IN BULGARIA TAKES TIME!!