Well it seems that this Saturday I MIGHT be able to take a drive around to get some photos of Dunn Energy's distribution feeds out of a sub. If things go as planned, I might be able to go to one of their substations for some photos. I was promised to go there (only about 14-17 mins from my farm) three years ago but it never happend (too much to ask as it seemed). I might keep this as an active article to post recent safaris. But I'm very excited about it!

5/21/13~~ New trip coming soon...
As summer makes it's way around the corner, in early June I will be heading to a road trip to a camp site in WI. Nothing much of interest since I've taken plently of photos of lines along that section of I-94 but we'll see.
8/27/13~~ Seems that I'll be heading to Duluth this Thursday.