Shopping and passing.
One day in early November 2011 I took some time to go shopping for some new Fall fashions. I had seen a cute skirt that I was waiting to go on sale. I went to the local indoor mall and decided to check out some of the other stores, before I visited JC Penney. I walked up to the Dillard’s store and headed upstairs to the Misses department. As I was browsing through the racks, a lady, that was doing the same thing, commented that “Her Grand-daughter had the same hair color that I did”. I looked up, from the rack I was at, and thanked her. We then proceeded to chat about daughters and such for the next 5 – 10 minutes. I finally excused myself and we parted ways.
This is the kind of experience that I always question. I got the distinct impression that she never figured out that I was a guy. What is it that gives us away sometimes and that at times like this, what are we doing right. This “Identification” moment can happen differently in the same day. Maybe it is just that some people are more attentive to things that others are.