Summer's Here & the Time is Right for Dancing in the Street (Lisbon May 2013)

People aren't the only ones who you find on the streets and in other public places where street photographers work. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses. You name it: good street photography has a long tradtion of recording moments in their lives too. Usually but not always, along with their human companions.

This week's pick records a joyful moment I came across in Lisbon. This man was walking along the street talking on his mobile with his dog following behind. Suddenly the dog started barking and jumping at him. I could tell right away it was playful; the dog was clearly looking for a bit of a game (or a dance?) with its human friend.

But the guy was busy talking on his phone. Still, he did join in the fun. I watched them for five minutes before the guy finally got off his phone and both he and the dog calmed down and continued their leisurely walk.

A nice moment (well five minutes really) that I was really lucky enough to share. Made me laugh, made a few other people who were watching laugh, and I hope it gives you a smile as well!